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Through its established international research network the Commission added to its long lasting concern on issues in public administration, public policy and government at the local and regional levels, more actual interest on widely understood issues of governance. The Commission is now more concerned with structures and processes of governance and administration at all levels regarding mainly issues of human and citizens rights.

The links between geography and governance are well established and widely recognized. Geographers bring to bear spatial and environmental perspectives that are understated and often neglected by the political and social sciences. As a result geographers can contribute to the understanding of various challenges governance has to face at different scales and stages (from problem analysis to policy impact analysis) and there is a rich diversity of geographical research that has a policy orientation.

As millions of people are moved by globalisation and migration, new concepts need to be developed to ensure the political and social rights of transnationals and future generations. Issues like citizenship, power distribution and self-governance, the inclusion of various social groups (minorities, women, migrants and others) in public life and administration has to be discussed and developed. Shift towards governance influenced also traditional fields of study covered by the Commission members like local government finance, local and regional government organization, provision of public services, sub-state democracy etc.

We especially encourage policy-oriented geographical research and we facilitate collaboration and academic discourse between geographers and scholars in other political, social and cultural sciences. Furthermore we strengthen links between academic geographers and public sector decision makers.

The Commission has about 250 corresponding members all over the world and a steering committee of distinguished scholars from all around the world (China, Estonia, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Nepal, Switzerland, Slovakia and USA). We strongly encourage especially still underrepresented young scholars and colleagues from Latin America and Africa to join our activities.

The Commission publishes twice a year a newsletter and holds at least one workshop or conference per year. The members publish widely and are involved in many different ways in academic research and public policy activities.

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