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Governance in Transition, edited by Ján Buček, Comenius University, Slovakia and Andrew Ryder, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Springer Netherlands, 2015, 341 pages, hardcover ISBN 978-94-007-5502-4; eBook ISBN 978-94-007-5503-1, DOI 10.1007/978-94-007-5503-1.
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Special issue of journal Quaestiones Geographicae
Volume 35, Issue 2, June 2016
Full texts available at:

Stryjakiewicz, Tadeusz / Kaczmarek, Tomasz / Buček, Ján – Editorial, pp.5-6.
Buček Ján - Urban Development Policy Challenges in East-Central Europe: Governance, City Regions and Financialisation, pp.7-26.
Stryjakiewicz, Tadeusz / Jaroszewska, Emilia - The Process of Shrinkage as a Challenge to Urban Governance, pp.27-38.
Breuer, Christophe / Halleux, Jean-Marie - Spatiality of Local Governments in European Intermediate Urban Regions: A Methodological Approach, pp. 39-58.
Binek, Jan / Opravil, Zdeněk / Chmelař, Roman / Svobodova, Hana - Cooperation and Mutual Relationships of Cities and their Hinterlands with Regard to the Operation of EU Integrated Development Instruments, pp. 59-70.
Kaczmarek, Tomasz / Wójcicki, Michał - Participation in Public Consultations on Spatial Planning Documents. The Case of Poznań City, pp. 71-82.
Razin, Eran - Inter-Municipal Cooperation in the Development of Industrial Parks and Tax Redistribution: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions, pp.83-90.
Kołsut, Bartłomiej - Inter-Municipal Cooperation in Waste Management: The Case of Poland, pp. 91-104.
Walaszek, Marzena / Bąkowska, Edyta - Organisation and Diversification of the Educational Market in Poland: The Case of the Poznań Agglomeration, pp. 105-114.
Perdał, Robert - Factors of Local E-Government Development in Poland: The Case of the Poznań Agglomeration, pp. 115-130.
Mądry, Cezary / Kaczmarek-Khubnaia, Julia - Historical Determinants of Regional Divisions of Georgia and their Implications for Territorial Governance, pp. 131-139.

Fiscal Austerity and Innovation in Local Governance in Europe. Edited by Carlos Nunes Silva, University of Lisbon, Portugal and Ján Buček, Comenius University, Slovakia. Ashgate. June 2014. 235 pages,
ISBN 978-1-4724-3243-8
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Pushkar K Pradhan, Ján Buček and Eran Razin (eds.), 2013. Geography of Governance: Dynamics for Local Development. International Geographical Union Commission on Geography of Governance, 254p.,
ISBN: 978-9937-2-6508-9
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Kathmandu Conference | Rome Conference | Cambridge Conference | Hungary Conference | Other publications

Kathmandu Conference
Pushkar K. Pradhan (ed.) Doris Wastl-Walter (ed.) Steven Folmar (ed.) Public Policy and Local Development: Opportunities and Constraints, ISBN: 9789937202510, Format: Softcover, xiv+340 pages, Publication Date: 2008, 1st edition. Publisher: International Geographical Union Commission on Geography and Public Policy


Rome Conference
Wastl-Walter, Doris; Lynn Staeheli and Lorraine Dowler (eds.)(2005): Rights to the City. IGU - Home of Geography Publication Series Volume III. Societa Geografica Italiana, Rome. 381 pages.

Contributors Titles of the contributions
Bickl Martin What if you’re too young to drive? Locational disadvantage in the automobile city
Bieri Sabin IntenCity – Squatting and the Construction of ‚the Urban‘ in Swiss Cities
Blumer Daniel Shifting power? Participation as a new means of city development.
Capron Guénola L’accessibilité des "espaces publics modernes" dans les villes latino-américaines : une notion multi-dimensionnelle
Cristaldi Flavia The settlement pattern of immigrants: from the metropolitan area to the inner city of Rome
Dikec Mustafa (In)Justice and the Right to the City: The Case of French National Urban Policy
Dines Nicholas Immigration, urban regeneration and contested space: the case of Piazza Garibaldi in Naples
Dowler Lorraine The Masculinzation of New York City Post 9/11.
Elwood Sarah Whose Neighborhood Is It? Revitalization Programs, Community Organizations, and the Local State
Gibson Kristina 11,000 vacant lots, why take our garden plots?' Community garden preservation strategies in New York's gentrified lower east side
Gilbert Liette and Phillips Catherine Political Natures: Re-Appropriation of Home and Water Rights in Toronto
Grimm-Pretner Dagmar and Rode Philipp Upgrading Densely Built-up City Quarters - Urban Renewal and Social Change
Huijbens Edward H. The Analysis of the Multiple Co-Existing Timespace Trajectories in the Multipolis
Kent Phillip "Sydney" - New Sex and Old Politics
Kofler Andrea Performing, Gaming and Celebrating the Border. Local Forms of objecting political Realities in Border Cities.
Lake W. Robert and Newman Kathe Differential citizenship in the shadow state
Leonardi Sandra, Morri Riccardo and Russo Riccardo Margins of Rome. Conclusive Excursion of the conference "Rights to the city"
Li Wei and Dymski Gary The Macrostructure of Financial Exclusion: Mainstream, Ethnic, and Fringe Banks in MoneySpace
Mattila Hanna Aesthetic Justice and Collaborative Urban Planning
McCann Eugene J. Urban Citizenship, Public Participation, and a Critical Geography of Architecture
Merrill Heather and Carter Donald State, migrant agency, and the third sector in Turin, Italy
Michel Claudia Street kids claiming rights: The making of public space in the train station
Mudu Pierpaolo The transformations of Rome: an exploration of new trends in the social geography of the city
Pallamin Vera and Lima Zeuler Rights to the city: São Paulo as a city of dissent
Purcell Mark Globalization, urban enfranchisement, and the right to the city: Towards an urban politics of the inhabitant
Ustundag Ebru Theorising Turkish Urban Studies with 'Rights to the City'
Valentine Gill and Skelton Tracey The Right to be Heard: D/deaf Activism in the City
Van Deusen Richard Urban Design and the Production of Public Space in Syracuse, NY
Wridt Pamela J. Play’in and Hang’in Along the Border of Yorkville and East Harlem

The Commission's conference in Rome in 2002 is the basis of an issue of GeoJournal as follows:
Staeheli, Lynn A.; Lorraine Dowler, and Doris Wastl-Walter (eds.) (2002): "Social Transformation, Citizenship, and the Right to the City", GeoJournal, Volume 58, Numbers 2-3.

Contributors Titles of the contributions
Lynn A. Staeheli, Lorraine Dowler Introduction
Eugene J. McCann Space, citizenship, and the right to the city: A brief overview
Flavia Cristaldi Multiethnic Rome: Toward residential segregation?
Mustafa Dikeç Police, politics, and the right to the city
Mark Purcell Excavating Lefebvre: The right to the city and its urban politics of the inhabitant
Robert W. Lake, Kathe Newman Differential citizenship in the shadow state
Sarah Elwood Neighborhood revitalization through `collaboration': Assessing the implications of neoliberal urban policy at the grassroots
Hanna Mattila Aesthetic justice and urban planning: Who ought to have the right to design cities?
Kristine Miller Condemning the public: Design and New York's new 42nd Street
R. Van Deusen Jr. Public space design as class warfare: Urban design, the `right to the city' and the production of Clinton Square, Syracuse, NY
Lorraine Dowler Women on the frontlines: Rethinking war narratives post 9/11
Heather Merrill, Donald Carter Inside and outside Italian political culture: Immigrants and diasporic politics in Turin
Nicholas Dines Urban renewal, immigration, and contested claims to public space: The case of Piazza Garibaldi in Naples
Pierpaolo Mudu Repressive tolerance: The gay movement and the Vatican in Rome
Lynn A. Staeheli, Don Mitchell, Kristina Gibson Conflicting rights to the city in New York's community gardens
Sabin Bieri Contested places: Squatting and the construction of `the urban' in Swiss cities
Guénola Capron Accessibility to `Modern public spaces' in Latin-American cities: a multi-dimensionalidea.

Cambridge Conference
The Commission's conference in Cambridge in 1998 is the basis of a theme issue of Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy as follows:
Smith, Brian and Ján Bucek (guest eds.) (2000): New Structures of Local Governance. Theme issue of Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, Volume 18, Number 1

Contributors Titles of the contributions
B. Smith and J. Bucek New Structures of local governance
H. Wollman Local government systems: from historic divergence towards convergence? Great Britain, France and Germany as comparative cases on point
B. Smith The concept of an enabling local authority
J. Bucek Sublocal decentralisation: the case of big Slovak cities
E. Razin The impact of local government organization on development and disparities: a comparative perspective

Hungary Conference
Barlow, Max, Lengyel, Imre and Richard Welch (eds.) (1998): Local Development and Public Administration in Transition. Jozef Attila University. Szeged, Hungary. 226 Pages.

Contributors Titles of the contributions
Gyorgy Enyedi Local governments in transition in Central Europe
Richard Welch Changes in the structure of public administration in the neo-liberal environment
Joanna Regulska The rise and fall of public administration reform in Poland: why bureaucracy does not want to be reformed!
Ilona Palne Kovacs Dilemma of territorial organization of public administration and control of regional policy in Hungary
Zoltan Hajdu The role of public administration in shaping functional inter-settlement relationships and small regional cooperation in southern Trans-Danubia
Antal Nikodemus and Eva Ruttkay Options for a short-term regional policy during transition to market economy in Hungary
Viera Vlckova and  Stanley Brunn Changes in the buying habits of the Slovak population due to small privatization
Laszlo Simig Characteristics of privatization in Hungary
Vladimir Slavik National minorities and the transformation of public administration in Slovakia
Edwin Bakker Local self-government and ethnic minorities: local political power of Slovakia's Hungarian minority
Irina Malakha and  Igor Ushkalov Local development and migration in Russia
Max Barlow Metropolitan government in capital cities
Rezso Meszaros  Geographical and historical implications of the development of a Hungarian city
Eva Perger  Influence of local administrative reform on the development of the Budapest region
Judit Timar Recent changes and governmental problems in uban-rural fringes in the Great Hungarian Plain
Mihaly Lados Taxatin attitudes of local governments in Hungary
Imre Lengyel Features of dwelling construction in Hungary
Jan Bucek International cooperation of Slovak cities
Gyorgy Kovacs  Changes in revenues and expenditures of Bekescsaba
Tamas Bauko, Imre Gurzo  and Janos Marton Specialized private farms and settlement development in Bekes County

Other Publications
Acta Universitatis Carolinae / Geographica XXXVII, 2, 2002.

Contributors Titles of the contributions
Petr Dostál Development and administration of capital cities and metropolitan areas: an introduction
Max Barlow The economic dimension of metropolitan government: recent reform proposals in Toronto, Canada
Pieter Saey Transactional systems, territoriality and the example of Brussels. Reflection on the notion of the economic base of metropolitan areas
Brian Smith Accountability in metropolitan government: the case of Greater London
Ludek Sýkora Global competition, sustainable development and civil society. Three major challenges for contemporary urban governance and their reflection in local development practices in Prague
Pavol Korec The transformation of basic functions of Bratislava after 1989: trends and spatial consequences
Jan Bucek The role of local self-government in local development during post-socialist period: the case study of Bratislava
Irina A. Malakha Moscow. Economic changes and migration of population
Petr Dostál & Martin Hampl Metropolitan areas in transformation of regional organisation in the Czech Republic
Jiri Blazek System of Czech local government financing as a framework for local development: 12 years of trial and error approach
Jiri Vágner Second housing at the edge of Prague metropolitan area. A SWOT analysis

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